The Great Lakes Staycation Deals

The Great Lakes Staycation Deals


“A beautiful wildlife haven”

Located just a two to three hour drive from Nairobi, Lake Nakuru National Park is the perfect choice for those wanting a safari when time is limited. Once home to Kenya’s famous flamingo flocks, the park is now most famous for its large herds of buffalo, the presence of four of the Big Five, and its larger than average populations of rhinoceros.

A scenic park bordering Lake Nakuru, it’s a fun day trip from the city.


Great Lakes STAYCATION Deals From Ksh. 3,900/- Per person sharing

No Camp/Lodge/Hotel Place Meal Rate Date
1 Kivu Resort NKR FB Ksh. 3,900/- Jan-22nd Dec
2 Sirville Lake Elementaita NKR FB Ksh. 4,500/- Jan-22nd Dec
3 The Cliff NKR FB Ksh. 15,000/- 16th Oct-30th Nov
4 Jacaranda Lake Elementaita ELM FB Ksh. 5,500/- 1st Nov-22nd Dec.
5 Sarova Woodlands NKR HB Ksh. 5,500/- 15th Jul-22nd Dec
6 Lake Elementaita Serena ELM FB Ksh. 15,000/- 1st Jul-22nd Dec.
7 Sunbird Lodge ELM FB Ksh. 8,300/- 16th Oct-23rd Dec
8 Great Rift Valley Lodge NVS FB Ksh. 10,400/- 15th Aug-21st Dec
9 Chui Lodge (SUN –THUR) NVS FB Ksh. 14,500/- 1st Apr-23rd Dec.
10 Kiangazi House(SUN – THU) NVS FB Ksh. 14,500/- 1st Apr-23rd Dec.
11 Hylise Hotel Naivasha NVS FB Ksh. 4,750/- Oct – 21st Dec.
14 Labelle Inn NVS FB Ksh. 5,000/- 1st Jan-31st Dec.
15 Lake Naivasha Resort NVS FB Ksh. 12,000/- 1st Jan – 21st Dec.
16 Sawela Lodges NVS FB Ksh. 10,000/- 1st Jan – 23rd Dec.
17 Kongoni Lodge NVS FB Ksh. 7,300/- 1st Jan – 31st Dec.
18 Masada Hotel NVS FB Ksh. 6,600/- 1st Jan – 21st Dec.
19 Sweet Lake Resort NVS FB Ksh. 5,400/- 1st Jan – 21st Dec.
20 Panorama Park Hotel NVS FB Ksh. 8,200/- 1st Jan – 21st Dec.
21 Lake Naivasha Sopa Resort NVS FB Ksh. 8,500/- 1st Nov.-21st Dec.
22 Enashipai Resort & Spa NVS FB Ksh. 13,000/- Till 22nd Dec.2020
23 West Beach Camp NVS FB Ksh. 5,400/- 1st Jan – 21st Dec.
24 Chui Lodge(FRI – SAT) NVS FB Ksh. 16,750/- 1st Apr-23rd Dec.
25 Kiangazi House (FRI-SAT) NVS FB Ksh. 16,750/- 1st Apr-23rd Dec.
26 L.Naivasha Country Club NVS AL Ksh. 7,200/- Till 22nd Dec.2020
27 Fina Gardens Resort NVS FB Ksh. 5,600/- 1st Jan-19th Dec.
28 Astorian Grand Hotel NVS FB Ksh. 5,400/- Till 22nd Dec.2020
29 Lerruat Log Resort  Kajiado KJD FB Ksh. 7,900/- 1st Sep-20th Dec.

Short Overview

Different lakes in Kenya poses different appeals. There are lakes that are bird watchers paradises, lakes that are home to spectacular scenes of hot springs and geysers, lakes with islands, lakes Kenya shares with other countries and lakes that have some of the most interesting stories of how they came to exist. The bottom line is that natural beauty on these lakes is superb. There are also literally dozens of interesting and fun things you could do around the lakes.

What to expect:-

Lake Nakuru

Lake Nakuru provides the visitor with one of Kenya’s best known images. Thousands of flamingo, joined into a massive flock, fringe the shores of this soda lake. A pulsing pink swathe of life that carpets the water, the flamingo are a breathtaking sight.

The lake has become world famous for these birds, who visit the lake to feed on algae that forms on the lake bed. They move back and forth, feeding and occasionally and spectacularly taking to flight, filling the sky over the lake with color.

Nakuru has more than just flamingos. This is a major National Park and an important sanctuary for Rhino. Both Black and White Rhino are found here, and are often seen resting under acacias by the Lake shore.

The park abounds with game. There are huge herds of waterbuck, zebra, buffalo, the endangered Rothschild Giraffe and more.

This is one of your best chances of seeing Leopard in Kenya, and there are several large prides of Lion

Lake Naivasha

Lake Naivasha is a beautiful freshwater lake, fringed by thick papyrus. The lake is almost 13kms across, but its waters are shallow with an average depth of five meters.

Lake area varies greatly according to rainfall, with an average range between 114 and 991 sq. kms. At the beginning of the 20th Century, Naivasha completely dried up and effectively disappeared. The resulting open land was farmed, until heavy rains a few years later caused the lake to return to existence, swallowing up the newly established estates.

Afternoon wind and storms can cause the Lake to become suddenly rough and produce high waves. For this reason, the local Maasai christened the lake Nai’posha meaning ‘rough water’.

The lake and its surroundings are rich in natural bounty, and the fertile soils and water supply have made this one of Kenya’s prime agricultural regions. Much of the lake is surrounded by forests of the yellow barked Acacia Xanthophlea, known as the yellow fever tree.

These forests abound with bird life, and Naivasha is known as a world class birding destination. The waters of the lake draw a great range of game to these shores. Giraffes wander among the acacia, Buffalo wallow in the swamps and Colobus monkeys call from the treetops while the Lakes large hippo population sleep the day out in the shallows.

Lake Elementaita

Elementeita is a small soda lake, nestled in the eastern sweep of the Great Rift Valley. The Lake is surrounded by spectacular country that played an important role in the early colonial history of Kenya.

Today Elementeita is a peaceful and low-key place, lying in the shadow of an impressively peaked hill known locally as the ‘Sleeping Maasai’. The lake attracts many visiting flamingo, and it shores are grazed by zebra, gazelle, eland and families of warthog. The lake and its surrounding forests are perfect for long walks and birding.


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